Tuesday, February 20, 2007

January 20, 2007 Iles des Saintes, Guadeloupe

Happy Birthday Alena and Suzy!

We didn’t have really high hopes that we’d find a bar here showing the Pats game, but we gave it a shot anyway.

I’ve apparently been spending too much time talking to nobody but Sten. I spent a good hour in a bar the other night attempting to discuss the French political structure as it related the governance of France’s overseas territories with a very patient Frenchman. It was, how do you say, painful? At least it was for his girlfriend and Sten as they listened to our conversation.

We had dinner one night at a local spot and enjoyed fried little balls of okra and some tasty blood sausage - now there are three words that you don’t see together that often.

As we wandered all over the island, we eventually found ourselves at a fort overlooking the harbor. It was crawling with giant iguanas. On our way back into town we passed a big blue iguana sunning itself on top of a wall, about a foot from anyone walking by on the side of the road. They look kind of like dragons, and it was a bit startling to find ourselves so close to one.

Lenore has taken to lounging on our map of the Eastern Caribbean. She seems to be asking “Where next?” I think if we could explain it to her, she would be relieved to know that she will be flying home from the Grenadines with Suzy.

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