Tuesday, February 20, 2007

January 25, 2007 - Fort de France, Martinique

We had been planning to stay in Roseau for a few days, to use it as our base for exploring the Southern end of the island, but the lack of rental car had put a damper on our plans, and the noise from shore that kept us up most of the night was just a bit more than we were willing to put up with. So we headed down to Fort de France, Martinique.

I was skeeved out enough by the last anchorage we were in in Dominica (Roseau) to go to a "personal protection" store in Martinique and pick up some pepper spray. Actually, the sales lady didn't speak English, and my French is so bad that I very well may have purchased tear gas. Either way, I feel a bit safer sleeping with it next to my bed. We ended up striking out on finding a French press to replace the one that broke in Barbuda, but we were able to stock up on some more yogurt and fresh eggs, so after just one night we moved on down the chain towards St. Lucia.

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