Monday, February 19, 2007

November 11, 2006, Saturday

We picked Lenore up from the animal hospital this morning. They gave her intravenous fluids, and she apparently ate like a champ all night. We were planning to send her home with the guys, but when the animal hospital handed us an international health certificate from Bermuda, a rabies free country, which would make it much easier to clear her into other similarly strict countries, we began to reconsider.

We brought her back to the boat, and she continued to eat everything in sight. In between binges, she sleeps in cockpit, fully stretched out, to give her tummy room to expand.

Meanwhile, Bill and Merrill took care of doing all of the laundry, and we began the process of airing out and drying out the boat. But we’ll wait until they are gone to get into the really deep cleaning.

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