Monday, February 19, 2007

November 23, 2006

It was so sad to be away from home on Thanksgiving. Rather than try to do some pale simulacrum of T-Day, we opted to have pizza. As soon as we served it up in the cockpit, and sat down to enjoy our beer and pizza, Sten looks up at me and says, “It’s coming.” I’m looking at him, blankly, when the first rain drops come pelting in between the dodger and bimini. Perfect.

When we spoke to my family tonight, my mom asked me what we did all day. I told her about the bread baking and doing some tourist stuff, but didn’t go into much detail. Just to give an idea of how we spend our days, this is our Bermuda Work List:
  • Dodger Repair
  • Staysail Repair
  • Change Racor Filters
  • Reprogram Link Panel
  • Check VHF receiver for incoming traffic
  • Investigate freefall anchor operation
  • Investigate GPS antenna operation
  • Exchange winch drums
  • Cover traveler bolts (cut them instead)
  • New traveler cams - Ronstan ???
  • Burn frayed mainsheet bits that were chewed by the traveler bolts
  • Locktite mainsheet shackles
  • Refuel - Diesel & Gasoline
  • Water
  • Hook-up masthead anchor light
  • Check hatch seals
  • Clean transom
  • Rebed chain plates
  • Repair aft head shower pump (decided to swap aft and forward pumps instead)
  • Caulk in mast fitting for topping lift
  • Rerig reefing lines to reefing points 1 and 2
  • Rig small lead lines to reefing point 3
  • Remove boatlife from various spots on deck
  • Restow storm jib
  • Dry out v-berth
  • Move bilge pump switch so that it faces forward
  • Outboard refresher course for Danika
  • Clean (this turned out to be a multi-day ordeal as bilge water had gotten everywhere during our first passage. We ended up emptying ever locker and storage place below waist level to clean it out)
  • Adjust bimini
  • Repair locker doors
  • Open up Nav Station electronics panel and cleanout
  • WCS
  • Clean engine pan
  • Replace solenoid
  • Laundry (two times)
  • Stow remaining stuff for next passage
  • Restow engine room from watermaker installation
  • Add tie downs to book case
  • Provision for next passage
  • Be tourist - Rum Swizzles, Maritime Museum, Beach
  • Install Airmail software and subscribe to sail mail.

So that’s how we spend our days. But we’ve also been having a bit of fun too. Paul and Sonya from Event Horizon spent last winter in Bermuda. They’ve shown us around to some wonderful local haunts, like the Black Horse Tavern in St. Davids. They’ve also taken pity on our lack of electronic sophistication and invited us over tomorrow night to catch up on the last episode of Lost.

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