Thursday, March 08, 2007

February 23, 2007 - Mayreau

We began the day with a quick fishing trip for Sten in the dinghy and a snorkeling trip for me. Before we headed out, the tender from the megayacht anchored behind us stopped by to ask when we were going to be leaving. They were setting up an array of tables, chairs and water sports equipment on the beach for their guests, and wanted to move the yacht a bit closer in. We told them that we planned to leave around noon.

As Sten and I were climbing into our dinghy, we noticed that the boats in front of us had upped anchor - ah, the power of suggestion. We left Graham and Eryn with instructions that if the tender came by while we were gone, to tell him that we would gladly move in exchange for two bottles of bubbly and a bag of ice. We won't be bullied, but we can be bought.

You can imagine the megayacht crew's frustration when this guy pulled into the harbor and disgorged its boatload full of tourists into the midst of the tropical oasis that the megayacht crew had set up for their guests.

This was our signal to move on down the road. So we motored around to the east side of Mayreau, and tucked inside a reef looking out towards the Tobago Cays. The water is as shallow as the Cays, and there is nice protection from the reef, but we are the only boat anchored here. This is actually a first for us - we've never been by ourselves in an anchorage before.

One really neat thing about this place - Starfish! We haven't seen starfish since Anguilla. And there certainly aren't any (that we have seen) in the Cays. But they are scattered across the seabed here like sprinkles on an ice cream cone.

It doesn't go with the narrative, but do I really need an excuse to include a picture of my sexy husband? You should just be thankful that it isn't another picture of the cat.

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