Thursday, March 08, 2007

February 27, 2007 - Tobago Cays to Canouan

We had one of those awful days that we seem to have every few weeks.

After a wee bit too much rum last night, I was down for the count this morning. Sten was in a hurry to leave the Cays before the park rangers came around to collect another fee. I told him that was fine, but he would have to do it with out me. With Graham and Eryn's help, he got the boat in passage shape and raised the anchor. I joined them on deck as we headed north out of the Cays.

As we unfurled the jib, Sten realized that that spinnaker halyard was still attached to the base of one of the stantions. He went forward to unclip it. Enroute, his hat started to blow off. Reaching to save the $15 hat, he knocked a $200 pair of Maui Jims into the water. Bugger all.

After retching over the leeward rail, I decided to spend the rest of the trip in my bunk. We anchored just north of the main harbor in Canouan, with the intent of spending the day snorkling. However, we couldn't get decent holding. After dragging twice we headed back to the main harbor.

After a week aboard with very few trips to shore, Graham and Eryn were ready to explore an island. They headed ashore to wander around a bit. After evening showers, we were all ready to head in and get some dinner a local place. Dinner started out well - Eryn's conch soup was fantastic, but it was all down hill from there.

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