Friday, May 18, 2007

May 18, 2007 - Enroute to Galapagos

Our position is 1 34 N, 80 32 W, just off the coast of Ecuador. We're still beating upwind into 4-6 foot seas. The sky is still overcast. Has it only been 4 days? It feels like we've been out here forever. At this pace it will be another full week before we reach the Galapagos.

We haven't had much company the past few days, but each night birds fly alongside us for hours at a time. It looks like they might be fishing in the light thrown by our running lights. This morning one of them rested on our bow for a few minutes.

We had another visitor this morning. Just before dawn, I noticed a light on the horizon that wasn't showing up on our radar. It didn't look like the light of a ship. Then I saw their bow wake in the reflection of the light on the water and realized that it was a small boat heading towards us quickly. With every modern pirate story I've ever read racing through my mind, I woke Sten, who took my spot in the cockpit and watched three guys in a small open fishing boat pass just astern of us. As they headed away from us, we both experienced a big adrenaline dump. About two hours later, the Virgen Maria II was back, tending its longlines and making sure that we didn't get fouled up in them.

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