Thursday, May 03, 2007

May 3, 2007 - Colon, Panama

Several months ago, while anchored in less than 20 feet of crystal clear water in Anguilla, we lost 2 grill grates overboard. After several hours of snorkeling around the boat the next day, we still couldn't find them. So we went to a chandlery in St. Maarten to order replacement grates, for a ridiculous amount of money (I think it was around $40) to be picked up in St. Lucia.

Last night, after Sten grilled up some very tasty chicken sate (he even made peanut sauce from scratch - I'm seriously spoiled) he was relaxing on deck. After a few minutes of repose, he sat up with a disbelieving cry of "No!". Our grill had rotated on its brackets again, this time depositing 3 of 4 grill grates into the murky, oily water of the Flats. They are well and truly lost and gone forever. This time, rather than ordering new parts from the manufacturer, Sten is going to pick up a new grate at a hardware store and cut it down to size, for approximately 1/4 of the cost of our last replacement.

This most recent loss caused us to reflect on all the stuff that we have sacrificed to Neptune these past six months.

Never to be seen again:

Item - Location - Approximate Value (purchase price or replacement cost)

Gaff - Storm off Bermuda - $120
Man Over Board Pole - Storm off Bermuda - $150
Beach Towel - Bermuda - $15
2 of 4 grill grates - Anguilla - $40
Suction cup with handle for bottom cleaning - Anguilla - $18
Button down shirt - St. Martin - $40
Sunglasses - Grenadines - $250
Hat - Grenadines - $15
Chart Kit - Grenadines - $80
Needle nose pliers - Los Aves - $20
Filet knife - Between Las Aves and Bonaire - $20
3 of 4 grill grates - Panama - $10 plus labor
Tap and tap holder - Panama - $12 (had to buy a whole new set to get the right size)

Lost overboard but recovered (whew!):

My mask and snorkel - Anguilla

Our recovery rate is really not so good.

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