Friday, July 06, 2007

June 29, 2007 - Fatu Hiva

We were going to leave today, but Stephan and Martina invited us over for dinner aboard Muline, and we never turn down an opportunity not to do dishes. Continuing the limey trend, Sten and I whipped up a key lime pie this morning. For the crust, we used stale ginger snaps (made into crumbs by beating with a rolling pin - very satisfying, that), which we've had on board since Newport, mixed with butter, then prebaked before filling with a custard made of egg yokes, lime juice and zest, and condensed milk. After baking for a few more minutes, it went into the fridge for the day. So little work for so much reward - we'll be making this one again. While it cooled, Sten worked on our water catchment system. Our Spectra watermaker is doing a great job, but it takes energy, which takes diesel, so if we can supplement with rain water, all the better.

We're so glad we stayed! Martina made fresh pasta for dinner, and Stephan made a wonderful pasta sauce. Over cocktails, Lars (who, in his life back in Oslo is an anthropology professor) gave us all a tutorial on the constellations above our heads. As he pointed out the Southern Cross, I was reminded of a poem in one of the mountaineering books that Ingrid, Sten's sister has given us - Below Another Sky, by Rick Ridgeway, a wonderful memoir of his life as a mountaineer and adventure travel writer and film director.

I should like to rise and go
Where the golden apples grow;
Where below another sky
Parrot islands anchored lie,
And, watched by cockatoos and goats,
Lonely Crusoes building boats;

This trip is about looking for an island below another sky, literally and figuratively. In Fatu Hiva, we've, quite literally, found such an island.

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