Saturday, September 29, 2007

September 16, 2007 - Faaroa Bay, Raiatea

Indiana Jones and Panama Jack heading up the river.

After breakfast this morning, we had a short motor to Faaroa Bay. Legend has it that the Polynesian explorers who migrated to New Zealand and Hawaii, set out from the river that feeds this bay. We set out in our dinghy to explore the river. It was quite shallow and silty. Both riverbanks were lined with plantations growing taro, bananas and vanilla. We stopped to visit a botanical garden, where we were joined by the crew of Moonshaddow. This fierce looking fellow gave us a tour of the garden.
At the garden, we met up again with a young pair of German backpackers, whom we had given a lift to Raiatea from Huahine a few days prior (this was our first time giving someone a lift on Mata'irea - it wasn't a total disaster, but we probably wouldn't do it again if it were going to be going any further of a distance).

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