Monday, October 22, 2007

October 22, 2007 - Neiafu

With the thought that we might catch the final pennant game between the Indians and the Red Sox on the satellite TV at Mango, we headed back into town in time for the first pitch. Unfortunately, major league baseball isn't as popular as football (soccer to us) or rugby, so the game wasn't picked up. While we were watching Sportscenter, hoping to catch some game highlights, the crew of Bahati, who used to live in Brookline, joined us.

Over the past 4 and a half months we've only eaten out a handful of times, because everything was so expensive in French Polynesia. We are enjoying the low prices here, and making a good effort at sampling the fried food options around town. Sten prefers the fish and chips at the Yacht Club over those at Mango. The bacon cheese burger at Mango was much better than the one at the Crow's Nest.

The most beautiful sight in the South Pacific

After lunch I headed up to the Hospital for my second round of root canal work. We received a weather report this morning that showed a favorable weather window for the jump to New Zealand. Takoko, the dentist, and I discussed my options, and we decided to do another treatment with the medicine and seal the tooth with a temporary filling. I'll have the next step done in New Zealand. For all Takoko's work the fee was equivalent to $60 US. My last root canal, 10 years ago, cost $900. So this is pretty much the bargain of the century. During my first appointment, we had talked about how limited the food options were around here if you weren't into mutton or really fatty pork. So to thank her, I gave Takoko some odds and ends from our stores, including tofu, green tea and smoked oysters. I returned to the boat to the report that the Red Sox had won the league and were headed to the World Series. We headed over to Bahati to celebrate.

We noticed today that for the first time since coming through the canal, there are more east coast boats than west coast boats around us. Also, there are quite a few boats here with younger crews.

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