Monday, October 29, 2007

October 29, 2007 - New Zealand Run, Day 6

We are 260 miles out of Opua. After a unreasonably rough night, the seas have settled out and we are making really good speed, reaching along under Yankee alone, making 7 to 8 knots over ground in 25 knots of wind. The cuisine on board lately has been simple and hardy. Dinner last night was Snow's clam chowder (from our original provisioning in Newport!), which was just the thing on a cold, rough night. Lunch today was grilled cheese (made with a nice, nutty cheese from the Pyrenees - why not, NZ customs is just going to confiscate it anyway . . .) and tomato soup.

We've been enjoying receiving play by play World Series coverage from Sten's mom. We've also been chatting with our friends on Phoenix, a racing boat out of NH, whom we met at the Panama Canal, and last saw in the Galapagos. They are coming down to NZ from Fiji and are having a much more uphill trip than we are due to the wind direction. We should be arriving in Opua within a few hours of each other. We are already planning the waffle breakfast. Andrea from Phoenix is going to try to rustle up some strawberries - a delicacy that none of us have seen in months. One of the wonderful things about cruising is catching up with old friends in new places. The other great thing is how a few months of doing without something that used to be so commonplace, such as strawberries, turns it into the greatest luxury.

See also, unlimited hot showers.

See also, beds that don't move.

See also, central heating.

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