Friday, October 05, 2007

October 4, 2007 - Enroute to Beveridge Reef, Day 4

We had a nicely uneventful night last night. This morning the wind died, and we turned the engine on for a few hours while we waited for it to fill back in. Sten made his famous banana walnut pancakes for breakfast. And we were both feeling well enough to have coffee this morning.

Last night we passed within five miles of one of the Cook Islands. We knew that we drew too much to make it into the pass. So we would have to anchor outside. We heard from Moonshaddow that the anchorage outside the reef was really rolly. If we are going to roll around uncomfortably, we might as well be logging a few miles. And as Sten pointed out, if we stopped, we would just have to go through the whole seasickness acclimation routine again when we departed. So we decided to skip it.

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