Sunday, November 18, 2007

November 18, 2007 - Whangarei

These flowers always look to me like birds peeking out of the grass.

We had a really lovely surprise the other day. Sten was working on deck when he heard a familiar voice call out hello. It was Brian from Storm Along. He and Nell had caught a ride down to Whangarei with some folks from Opua and had come out to the boat yard to find us. Just that morning I'd sent them an email inquiring whether they had arrived yet. We walked back into town with Brian and caught up with him and Nell over lunch.

Yesterday we went into town to return some library books and stumbled upon the county's annual arts festival. I really wanted to bring the llama home with us, but figured we'd have to buy him his own ticket.
Today we've been finishing up putting the boat away. Just to give you a sense of what kind of a job this is, here are some of the highlights of our to do list:
  • fresh water rinse deck hardware
  • pickle watermaker
  • top up fuel tanks
  • wash snorkeling gear and wet suits
  • clean out fridge and freezer
  • give away any perishables
  • polish stainless
  • clean dinghy
  • store dinghy in storage bag and tie down
  • lower both outboards to ground for Charlie to store
  • remove zincs
  • stow deck gear (liferaft, gaff, net, sails, bimini, grill, fish table, fenders, and vhf) down below
  • remove reefing and furling lines and stow halyards in mast.
  • wash salon cushion covers
  • wash cockpit cushion covers
  • wash aft bunk covers and sheets
  • recaulk around chainplates and engine panel
  • depower Raymarine GPS
  • depower Link 2000
  • disconnect batteries
  • pack
The port stateroom, forward head and the shower in the aft head are now stuffed full of sails, fenders, lines and other deck gear.

Tomorrow morning we catch a bus to Auckland for the first leg of our trip home.

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