Sunday, December 02, 2007

December 1, 2007 - Foxhall Village, Washington, D.C.

Today we traveled 345 miles in 6.5 hours, or an average speed of 53 miles per hour. Traveling at our typical boat speed of 6.5 knots, the trip would have taken us 53 hours on Mata'irea. After a year of moving at such slow speeds, taking some of the curves on the Pennsylvania Turnpike at 70 miles an hour was a bit nerve racking.
The back of this old Chevy pickup looked to us like the head of a tiki - perhaps we've spent too long in the tropics.

When we arrived at Graham and Eryn's beautiful bungalow in the Foxhall Village section of DC we were greeted with wine and a sumptuous smoked duck dinner. Sten retained his title as Blokus champion in the first night of competition, but Eryn shows promise of knocking him off his throne.

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