Wednesday, January 02, 2008

December 27, 2008 - Jamestown, NY

We left Rhode Island yesterday, after lunch with Carlotta and John. After a long, uneventful drive west along Route 17, we arrived at the Comfort Inn in Jamestown, NY around midnight. After checking in, and stowing the bedspread someplace far, far away from the bed, the first order of business was to find the ice machine so we could chill down the remainder of the bottle of wine we opened at lunch.

This morning, we headed over to the apartment where Doris, Sten's paternal grandmother, has been living for the past ten years. Doris has been downsizing for a few years now, ever since she sold the farm. Our visit coincided with her last day in the apartment, as she was moving to an assisted living facility the next day. Our timing was fantastic. We didn't know it before we arrived, but Sten's aunt and uncle, Debbie and Dean, were also coming into town that day to help out with the move. We enjoyed lunch with Doris, Karen and Jim. The reunion continued over dinner as we got the chance to catch up with Dean, Debbie, and Sten's cousin's Patty and Dotty. It was a great day. We hit the road around 9pm to head west to Hudson.

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