Monday, January 14, 2008

January 3, 2008 - Chicago

Rather than buying a boat and spending the rest of your life savings to fix it up so that you can sail to the South Pacific, just go to the Field Museum. It is far cheaper and requires fewer vaccinations. We were completely blown away by the exhibit on tropical atolls at the Field. They got it spot on, all the way down to the busted flip flops and other trash washed up on the coral rubble beach. And all we had to do to get from the atolls to Papeete was to stroll into the next room. No dangerous reef pass and overnight sail required! It was totally surreal to find ourselves standing in the such familiar places, wearing jeans, lots of wool and our winter coats.
The exhibit also included displays on PNG, Vanuatu and Micronesia, all places that we may find ourselves this coming year. As we wandered from room to room, it was a bit like viewing a coming attractions reel.
This evening, while Kate and I sat in her parked car enjoying heated seats, baked brie and chardonnay, Sten and PJ joined Deb and Mike in their weekly game of broomball. "What is broomball?" you might ask. It is a game, played on an ice rink, in the bitter cold of winter, much like ice hockey. The footwear is sans blades, the sticks are shaped a bit different, and they are used to hit a round object similar to a small soccer ball, rather than a hockey puck, but the rules are pretty similar to those for ice hockey. The more important question is: "Why anyone would willing go outside in this weather?" Our year in the tropics has made us very soft indeed - but not so soft that Sten didn't score one of the team's three goals of the night.
That's my sexy husband, sprawled in front of the net after his goal. This might really be his best angle.

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