Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March 9, 2008 - Moeraki

We had one of the best wildlife viewing experiences of our lives this evening out at Lighthouse Point in Moeraki.
No, not those guys.

These guys:
yellow eyed penguins returning from a day of fishing

These guys:
little blue penguins waiting for their folks to bring home dinner
(sorry about the dark picture - a flash could hurt their eyes)

And this guy:
The penguin colony at Lighthouse Point isn't advertised. There isn't an entrance fee. On this night there weren't many other people around - just a half-dozen other tourists, a dozen university students from Dunedin diving for paua, a handful of locals fishing, and Rosalie - the local lady who makes sure you don't get too close to the wildlife and who will put the fear of god in you if you dare use a flash. We were able to walk, stand and sit within a few yards of the animals, who were just going about their evening activities. We spent two hours just hanging out and observing the penguins and seals as the twilight deepened. It was a really magical evening.

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