Thursday, May 01, 2008

May 1, 2008 - To Vanuatu, Day 2

This morning, we were both still sea sick. Neither of us could even hold down water, and I was puking up bile. Someone remind me why we do this to ourselves. By late afternoon we'd become accustomed to the motion, and were both able to hold down some food and water.

One of the benefits of leaving port with so many other boats is that we can keep up a radio schedule with them. At 0900 NZST we are talking to Kulala, Imajica, Afrike, Serranity (who left on Monday), and Bahati (who is monitoring our progress from port). Most of the boats are heading farther east. We decided to take the rhumb line to Vanuatu. We aren't confident enough in the weather information we are receiving to log additional miles based on something that may or may not occur in a few days. Our hope is to get far enough North than we outrun the low that is meant to reach us on May 4th.

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