Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 9, 2008 - Waterfall Bay, Pentecost Island, Vanuatu

A quick 10 mile run north along the west coast of Pentecost brought us into Waterfall Bay. As we anchored, porpoises played in front of our bow. A few minutes later Phoenix arrived. While they were anchoring, a dugong and her calf swam by. Sten dove in to follow them. He watched them forage along the bottom, vacuuming up their lunch. Then he checked both boat's anchors. Phoenix's Delta was nicely dug in, while our CQR was laying on its side, which is par for the course. Phoenix joined us for lunch, and we finished the last of the wahoo in a mild green curry sauce, washed down with glasses of sweet tea. Delicious.
And because I just can't help myself, one more dugong picture:
That's it. Promise.

After lunch, Sten, Patty and Giff went ashore to check out the waterfall that we could see from the anchorage. On Saturday, while sliding around in the mud and rain on the way to the land diving, I cut my foot. So I stayed aboard to give the wound a chance to heal.

When the others went ashore, the first guy they met said that they had to pay 500 vatu per person to see the waterfall. Looking for a second opinion, they made their way to the chief's compound where they met the chief's auntie. Phoenix gave her some gifts for the chief, and she directed another woman to lead them up to the waterfall. The path to the waterfall wound through a coconut plantation and past the local nakamal (men's clubhouse) where the prices for copra and kava (this village's main exports) were posted on the door. One of the men sliced up a pineapple and everyone enjoyed a slice of the sweet fruit. At the falls, everyone took a swim while their guide stood by and watched. When they were done swimming, she led them back to the village.

On Ambrym last Friday, Barry gave us some papayas and bananas. Since we don't really like papaya, which has a musky flavor, they've just been sitting on the back deck getting riper. Patty offered to take one and make a stuffed papaya dish for dinner. I figured I should do something with the other. I didn't want to waste the rum by making a daiquiri with it, so I mixed up a tropical fruit and black bean salad. Both papaya dishes turned out to be tasty, but we're still not fans of this funky fruit.

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