Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 28, 2008 - Gili Air, Lombok, Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Finally, some rain.

We spent yesterday snorkeling around Gili Air and enjoying lunch ashore. Suzy is making a valiant effort at overcoming her jetlag (the time difference is 12 hours), but for now, quiet nights aboard make more sense than evenings ashore.

Today we headed back over to Gili T in the dinghy. The visitors to Gili T are mostly young singletons, and it has a reputation as a party spot. Gili Air is more laid back than Gili T, and most of the visitors (other than the daytrippers) are couples, families, and divers. It has a larger population of locals than Gili T, only a small percentage of which work in tourism. Gili T is much more developed than Gili Air. There are loads of places to stay and eat. The main street is lined with shops and cafes, several of which advertised magic mushroom omlettes. We were more interested in the spa, with its sign for $10 foot massages and $14 full body massages. Sold!

When Suzy was planning her trip to Bali, she met a massage therapist who visits Indonesia every year with her surfer husband. When Suzy asked the therapist if she ever got massages in Bali, she said no, dismissing the local style as "all just relaxation and nice smells." She would probably change her tune after getting worked over by the ladies who rubbed us down on Gili T. They pushed and prodded and popped our joints until we were both grimacing in pain. These little Balinese ladies used so much pressure, it was, as Suzy observed, like being worked over by a linebacker. We're both still interested in checking out the spas in Bali, but we'll be sure to request the "relaxation and nice smells" menu options.

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