Monday, August 11, 2008

August 8, 2008 - Savu, Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

We're anchored somewhere along the coast of the island of Savu. We actually do know where we are, but because the friends who gave us the details about the anchorage here and the potential for the reef to produce both a perfect left and a perfect right in big swell asked us not to publicize the location, we're abiding by their wishes. So, we're somewhere in Savu, which is so off the beaten track that the two inch thick Lonely Planet guide for Indonesia doesn't even have this island listed.
Best of all, there isn't another cruising boat in sight. It is just us and the local fisherman, who spend all day long gill netting in the waters around us. It will be nice to have an anchorage all to ourselves for a few days. Not having to worry about boats dragging down on us is a nice change.
We had a fast, fast day sail to get here from Nemberala. For over an hour our speed over the ground was pegged at over 10 knots. That's unheard of for us. At least 3 of those knots were due to assistance from the current flowing in our direction. The rig wasn't even loaded up. Which leaves us a bit flummoxed as to how we managed to tear the mainsail. Luckily we've got a few more days to go before the swell sets in, so we should have plenty of time to repair the main.

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