Tuesday, September 09, 2008

September 9, 2008 - Serangan, Bali, Indonesia

In these days of processed convenience foods, many people back home are making an effort to eat more organic and whole foods. Many have joined the ranks of the raw food movement or the slow food movement. Some have even joined farm cooperatives to have a selection of fresh vegetables delivered to their homes each week.

Out here cruising, where we often go months between decent grocery stores, Sten and I have fully embraced the Old Food Movement. When trying to decide what to eat, we take a look at our fruits and veg (if we happen to have any left) and figure out what is likely to turn next. After less than two weeks, we've managed to fully indoctrinate Suzy into the Old Food Movement. We knew we had her hooked when earlier today, while trying to figure out what we should eat for lunch, she lifted the lid of the fridge, peered in, and wondered out loud "what's old in here?" And then, out of some leftover green beans, half a cucumber, some olives and capers, one sorry looking tomato, a wedge of gruyere, and a can of tunafish, she whipped up a magnificent salade nicoise. She hasn't quite wrapped her mind around the fact that we don't refrigerate our eggs, but we've still got a few days yet to work on that one.

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