Monday, October 27, 2008

October 21, 2008 - Dieng Plateau, Java, Indonesia

[October 27, 2008 - We've just received our clearance documents to leave Indonesia. I have just enough time to post these pictures before we sail. I'll post the corresponding text during our passage to Singapore.]
Water buffalo as plow horse
Terraces, terraces, as far as the eye can see
Central Java, a handful of Hindu and Buddhist temples surrounded by thousands upon thousands of mosques
Volcanic activity and mineral deposits create boiling mud and colorful lakes (Sten lobbied for a picture of boiling mud, but I figured you all would prefer to look at a pretty blue lake)
As soon as Sten spotted stacks of mahogany on the side of the road, we began a hunt for a piece of crotch mahogany
With our guide's help, he had a likely looking log milledThe lady that owns the mill and her son and granddaughter

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