Thursday, November 13, 2008

November 11, 2008 - Singapore

This evening Raffles Marina held a welcome dinner for all the cruisers currently in Singapore. There was a big contingent from Sail Indonesia, and many jokes were told about the extra warm welcome we received from the officials in Kupang. We were fortunate to sit down next to a couple from Washington D.C. who have been out cruising for the past 16 years. Unlike most of us taking the tradewind route west around the world, Walter and Jane are traveling east. They were full of helpful tips about the places we'll be visiting over the next few months. We also shared a table with Jim and Caroline on Blue Moon, who are back in Singapore after their attempt to head north was foiled by their prop shaft strut failing, possibly due to hitting some of the debris floating around these waters.
Bonsai Garden at the Chinese Gardens
On the way out to Raffles, we stopped at the Chinese Garden to have a wander around someplace without it involving shopping or eating. I know, I know, very strange behavior for us. We'll try not to let it happen again. But the garden was beautiful, and the local MRT (rapid transit) station had a shop selling soybean ice cream, so it turned out to be an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon.

Girl - 33; Boy - 35; Bonsai - 300 years old

And all this time, I'd thought that Disney invented her . . .

Having made the trek out to Raffles and having spoken to several other cruisers about the conditions at the other marinas in town and the time and effort involved in schlepping in from Malaysia, we're really happy with our decision to take a berth at ONE┬║15 Marina for a stay in Singapore. It is less expensive than the other marinas in Singapore, more convenient to the MRT than RSYC or Raffles, and much less rolly than RSYS or Keppel Cove. And, best of all, there are peacocks wandering around the marina.

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