Saturday, January 31, 2009

January 31, 2009 - Langkawi, Malaysia

There is almost nothing that Sten and I enjoy more than trying new food, especially when it is so cheap that we don't feel bad not finishing it if we don't like something or if something is so spicy that the skin begins to flay off of the roofs of our mouths (which has only happened twice this week). The twice weekly (Wednesday and Saturday) night market in Kuah has been one of the highlights of our week in Langkawi.

I'm not sure which we found more concerning - the stench coming off of this mountain of durian or the black socks and sandals on the guy in front.

Actually, this is the most disconcerting thing we've ever seen at a market - deep fried hamburgers. Neither of us could get up the gumption to try one.
Almost everything we tried at the Kuah market has been wonderful, but this guy takes the cake. His freshly fried donuts (or donats as the sign says) are easily the best donuts that either of us have ever had. And at 17 cents a piece, they were worth every penny . . . and calorie.

Everything that is sold at the market goes directly into a plastic bag. We've found Malaysia to be cleaner than Indonesia, but there is still a tremdous amount of litter here by Western standards.
The nightmarket is also a bazaar. There are several stalls stocked with handbags and sandals, perfumes and cigarrettes. There was also a stall selling cowls - a sort of instant headscarf contraption.
Headscarves made simple.

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