Friday, March 20, 2009

March 18, 2009 - Henry Lawrence Island, Andamans, India

On the way to Henry Lawrence Island from Havelock, we were motoring, so we decided to run the watermaker. Within just a few minutes it was clear that it wasn't working properly. After we anchored off of a white sand beach, capped with limestone pancake rock formations, Sten spent some time troubleshooting the problem. After running a few tests and before tearing apart the feed pump, he decided to make a call to Spectra in the morning to get some input.

As pretty as this anchorage is, we're in no hurry to go swimming. The water is so thick with jellyfish that we can't flush the toilet without sucking one into the intake line. Around sunset, Sten went out in the dinghy, trying to catch us some dinner. A coral trout promptly stole one of his brand new lures. So it was cheese and crackers for dinner.

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