Sunday, April 05, 2009

April 1, 2009 - Little Andaman, Andamans, India

Things have been going so well lately that we were clearly due for some suckage. We headed south from Rutland Island to Little Andaman in search of surf. However, not only was Sandy Point not working while we were there, but the wind always seemed to be against us. We ended up spending three days listening to the engine burn our cash into fumes as we pounded into wind-generated chop, just so that Sten could have the privilege of getting attacked by flying ants as he tried to cook dinner and I could experience the feeling of sheer horror when realizing that I'd just dropped our anchor and fifty feet of chain into a field of tsunami debris (in my defense, it was twilight, and Hut Bay Port Control had radioed and asked us to move to that location to make way for a passenger ferry; I didn't see the shadowy grid of the old pier below the surface of the water until the anchor was well and truly stuck within a maze of concrete and steel). The only good thing I have to say about our Little Andaman experience is how very well we worked together in a very bad situation. Our communication skills have come a long way in the two and half years that we've been out cruising.

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