Wednesday, January 06, 2010

January 4, 2010 - Simon's Town, South Africa

So, I wrote this big long post about how we dragged at anchor in False Bay; how the two of us react differently in times of crisis; how we nicked the transom backing into the slip in Simon's Town Marina but how we didn't mind because if that was the tribute Neptune demanded for allowing us around the Cape, he was welcome to it; how much more I like this town than Richard's Bay and why; how we had a Southern Right Whale swim under our boat in the marina; and a bunch of other stuff. Then I did something really stupid and deleted it. I almost cried. And I just can't motivate myself to rewrite it all. So have some pictures.

Wait, aren't we at anchor? Isn't this supposed to be more relaxing than being underway?

So why does he look so grim? And why do I look shellshocked? And this is before we dragged across the bay that locals call hurricane alley. Imagine how we looked after.

Certainly not as serene as this guy. I can't begin to express how relieved we were to get a slip in Simon's Town Marina the next day . . .

and how awestruck we were when a whale swam under our boat, at the dock. This is why we do this.

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