Friday, February 19, 2010

February 18, 2010 - Enroute to St. Helena

Yesterday afternoon we finally managed to coax ourselves into leaving the cozy confines of Saldanha Bay. With a big swell running outside of the protected harbor it was all too tempting to hang out for another day, and use up the last of our prepaid internet. After months of being connected, it was somewhat daunting to think of pulling the plug. But with our dinghy deflated for passage, we were effectively trapped on the boat. So, when Sten started to dig through his project drawer, looking for something to do to keep from going stir crazy, it was time to go.

If we were ambivalent about heading out sea before we left the harbor and encountered the swell and the cold waters of the Benguela Current, we were even less enthused after the sun set and it got cold. Now I'll be to the first to admit that after three years in the tropics, we are no longer the hardy New Englanders we once were. But 20 knots of wind across cold water would make anyone shiver. That first night out we both dove into the bags storing our hats and gloves, long underwear and fleece, gear we haven't touched since the run up from New Zealand nearly two years ago. Sten even broke out his sea boots to put up the pole earlier today.

We are settling into a passage routine, and getting used to operating on less sleep. Tonight seems a little warmer than last.

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