Saturday, May 29, 2010

May 24, 2010 - Marigot, St. Martin

Here is Deb's fifth and final guest blog entry. I sure am going to miss having her do my work for me!

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We knew it had to come to an end eventually, and this was it. Kate and I got our bags packed and then Sten dropped Danika, Kate and I off in Marigot for our last couple of hours of eating and shopping before heading to the airport. Sadly, it was a French holiday (Pentecost), so many of the stores were closed. We did find a lovely restaurant -- The Croissanterie -- where we were able to enjoy croissants, pain au chocolat and a wonderful selection of sweet and savory crepes.

After our breakfast, we headed back towards the harbor to meet Sten (who had loaded up the dingy with our luggage) for a ride back to the Dutch side of the island, where we would catch our flight. As we walked back, we were delighted to find that Danika's favorite French bikini store (Hipup) was open and we browsed the beautiful and colorful selections. Just as we were leaving the store, I noticed that a man across the street had been apprehended by the police and was lying face down on the sidewalk. It was apparent -- from the wild coughing from one of the policemen -- that mace had been used to slow down the criminal. Unfortunately, the mace was traveling with the wind and eventually ended up in our eyes, nostrils and throats. It didn't take long for us to realize what was going on, so we quickly changed direction and got out of the area.

We met back up with Sten, took the dingy back towards the airport and eventually were back where it all started. We checked in and then said goodbye to Stenika, who were great hosts for our trip to the Caribe. We can't wait to see them again back in Newport, RI!

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