Friday, August 20, 2010

August 20, 2010 - Middletown, RI

How on earth did it get to be the middle of August? Can we really have been home for two months already? It feels like we just tied up to the dock at Goat Island last night.

Between working on my sister's house, hosting friends on board Mata'irea in Newport, and visiting with family and friends in New England, D.C. and Philly, we've managed to studiously avoid making any plans for the rest of our lives, or even for this fall or winter. We started to feel a little stressed about that, but then we realized that it was August. Summer is almost over.

The last two weeks of August is no time for making plans. It is the time for drinking iced coffee, eating lobster rolls and ripe tomatoes still warm from the garden, swimming in the ocean, and fishing for dinner. And so we are off for another little cruise of the islands. We will figure out the rest of our lives when the leaves start to turn.

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