Thursday, April 26, 2012


We are getting ready for Mata'irea's spring launch.  Which means that while the little one sleeps, I sew. I don't consider myself crafty, so I'm sticking to simple projects, and calling on those with more skills than I possess for help for the more complicated ones.  Following a pattern drawn up by my crafty sister I made fleece covers to protect our new fenders and some for our old ones (which should help hide the fact that they don't so much hold air any more).

I also made a breathable, netted leecloth to turn the lower bunk in the port stateroom into a crib for Axel.  Once installed, I'll post some pictures of it. On deck for this weekend are some throw pillows for the cockpit and a cover for big bertha (our largest and most useful fender).

Sten's weekends have been taken up with more complex projects, like replacing plastic thruhulls with bronze, fitting battery boxes around our batteries, and rewiring a bilge pump - all of which should make our insurance company very happy.

Having Sten gone all weekend every weekend to work on the boat has been hard for me.  By the end of the work week I look forward to having more help with the baby on the weekends.  I've missed being able to hand the kid off to him on the weekends to do things like shower and drink a hot cup of coffee without worrying about being needed.  But the end is in sight.  We are both looking forward to finishing up the projects, launching the boat and enjoying the little dude's first summer on the water. 

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