Monday, February 19, 2007

November 6, 2006, Monday - 37.34N, 68.14W

After months of anxiety, the Gulf Stream crossing turned out to be quite enjoyable. We saw wind up to 22 knots and had a somewhat rough sea state, but the current was ripping, and helped us to reach a boat speed of 11.7 kts around 1am - the fastest we have seen her move. In the morning, the wind speed dropped again, and we took the main down. We eventually put it back up, furled in the genoa, and proceeded to motor with the main on a preventor.

So far, the only bit of trouble that we are having with the boat is with the traveler. The bolts on the underside of the cam cleats at either end of the traveler are chewing the mainsheet, any time it gets under them as the sail pumps in these light conditions. The other fun thing is that the old cam cars don’t seem to grip the new traveler line, and it will occasionally pop loose, causing the loaded traveler to go slamming towards the leeward side. Unnerving.

The bigger problem is that Lenore, our cat, will not eat or drink. We’re worried about her getting dehydrated before we reach Bermuda. Luckily, even in these light breezes, we have enough fuel to motor the whole way, and should be there late Wednesday.

That night, Merrill, Bill and I were all awake and in the cockpit for a few hours as we ghosted along. We had a wonderful meandering conversation over hot mugs of tea about the pleasures of tawny port, and roasting one’s own coffee beans, and life of Block Island.

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