Friday, March 02, 2007

February 4, 2007 - Bequia

With the new software for the antenna loaded, we are able to access the internet from the boat. We sucked up bandwidth all afternoon as we downloaded episodes of Grey's Anatomy from ITunes and Skyped away. Awesome.

Late in the afternoon a squall blew threw the anchorage. The timing couldn't have been better. Every afternoon boats that have been doing day hops around the islands arrive in new harbors, looking for a place to anchor. This afternoon, as boats that have been anchored for days in the same spot start dragging into each other, the new arrivals are driving around looking for a place to drop their anchors. Sheer chaos.

For Super Bowl Sunday, we headed into town to have dinner at Mac's Pizza, which has an excellent reputation, which as it turns out, is rather undeserved. After some insipidly bland pizza with underdone crust, we wandered over to a bar to catch the big game. With the Pat's out of it, the highlight was definitely Prince's half-time show. Or maybe I'm just starved for popular culture.

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