Friday, March 02, 2007

February 3, 2007 - Bequia

There is another Tayana 48 in this anchorage. Island Time is the first sistership that we've run into. On our way to the dinghy dock, we stopped and talked to the couple aboard. They are from California, so we were able to get the scoop on where to see the Super Bowl from them. After chatting for a bit, we went into town to check out the town. We wandered up the very cute main street, and I checked out all the grocery stores to see what they had to offer. Doris's had fresh basil (which I haven't seen since St. Maarten), so Suzy and I decided that fresh pesto was in order.

While in town I stopped into one of the local sail maker's to see about having some canvas work done when we swing back up to Bequia before Suzy's flight out. We made arrangements for Alick and Selma to come out to the boat on Monday morning to take a look at the project.

Last night we had a rather rolly night at anchor in Lower Bay, so we decided to find a calmer spot in the anchorage. After unsuccessfully attempting to anchor on the right side of the bay, we headed over to the left side, and found excellent holding. Afterwards, Sten and I went back into town to see if we could download the software we needed to get our new wifi antenna operational.

Shouldn't every internet cafe have this kind of view?

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