Friday, January 25, 2008

January 23, 2008 - Whangarei

It is still raining. We officially pulled the plug on the refrigeration and counter project yesterday morning. After getting the estimate for the new countertops, we decided that we didn't want to spend the time or money on it now. Instead of lifting the counters and reinsulating around the fridge and freezer, for now we're going to simply put some additional insulation inside the freezer box and see how much of an improvement that makes.

After talking to some local vendors on Monday, Sten decided that he was going to order some parts from the States for several of his projects. So, he's been hopping from project to project, trying to suss out what he needs to order for each. I've spent the past few days sanding the old antifouling off the bottom and wet sanding the bootstripe, the stripe of blue paint just above the bottom paint. My work might be physically exhausting, but at least I have the satisfaction of seeing progress, slow as it might be. Sten, on the other hand, feels like he is going backwards as each project shows itself to be more complicated than it should be.

We've been having some fun too. Jamie, a crazy pom/kiwi/swiss (depending on the decade of his life you are talking about), suggested that, rather than do the dance we've all been doing around each other as we each make our own dinners in the communal kitchen, we each take responsibility for a course and all eat together. Robin, a native New Zealander, agreed, as long as we could time it to coincide with Coronation Street - the British soap to which he is addicted. Due to all the courses, dinner lasted for hours, and we all ate way more than normal. It was good fun.

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