Friday, January 25, 2008

January 25, 2008 - Whangarei

Last night, as I was walking toward the kitchen, dog tired from a day of hard work sanding the boat, dreading having to lift my arms to chop anything, Jamie called out to me from across the parking lot - "Would ya care for a beer?" I stopped dead in my tracks, turned and said, "yes, yes I would." Ganging up on Sten with Jamie and two of his friends, we convinced him to drive us all into town for sushi.

I had the day off from sanding today, as I have developed a chemical burn on the only part of my face that is exposed to the sanding dust - the part of my face not covered by a respirator, baseball hat, or the hood of the tyvek suit. And to think, some people pay a spa or dermatologist hundreds of dollars for a chemical peel, while I get one for free, along with a set of really buff arms thanks to all this sanding. Since I wasn't kicking up any dust, I wiped down the lifelines and did some laundry. Sten has spent the past few days working on our drive shaft and propeller. He removed the shaft in order to change the cutlass and stern tube bearings, which were showing some wear. He also installed a new coupling between the engine and the drive shaft, which will hopefully result in a quieter ride when we are motoring.

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