Sunday, January 27, 2008

January 27, 2008 - Whangarei

Sten spent Saturday continuing to work on the shaft (this whole project lends itself to a variety of jokes that Sten won't let me print here because this is a family website). The cutlass bearing came right out, but the stern tube bearing was giving him some trouble. He manufactured a tool to extract the stern tube bearing, but it wouldn't budge. A few of the other guys in the boat yard came by to offer their advice on getting the bearing out. The guy next to us is going to loan us another tool to try on Monday. If that doesn't work, we're just going to leave it in - it isn't that worn. Meanwhile I spent another pleasant afternoon sanding the bottom.

This morning, Sten decided that it was time to connect some new wires to the back of the chart plotter (part of the ongoing autopilot/radar/chartplotter interface project), which is mounted in the cockpit under the dodger. To run the wires back to the panel, we needed to take off a few of the overhead panels in the salon. Which meant, it was time for me to revarnish the teak surrounds on the two overhead hatches in the salon. I spent the rest of the day hand sanding the hatches down to fresh teak while Sten ran wires along the ceiling and terminated the interface cables. He felt really good about finishing a project. Then, after dinner, we returned to the boat to discover that one of the lights on a ceiling panel that Sten had put back up in the galley wasn't working. So much for checking that one off the list.

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