Monday, April 14, 2008

April 14, 2008 - Whangarei

On Friday night, Dockland 5 threw one of its infamous BBQ's. Sharon decided that it was high time for a hangi. Rather than dig a hole in the ground (not sure anyone would want to eat anything steamed in the dirt of a boatyard), Charlie and Sharon steamed half a lamb and a mess of kumara and other root vegetables in some converted stainless steel kegs. The surprise of the night was discovering that Doug used to be a butcher. Sten grilled him on all manner of meaty topics while they tended to two giant racks of lamb on the BBQ. The evening was a great wrap-up to a wonderful few months with the crew at Dockland 5.
We're almost ready to relaunch. We are just waiting on that boom fitting from the rigger. But we are in much less of a hurry to get back in the water this week. There is a nasty weather system sitting over the North Island. The weather window for the passage back to the tropics isn't looking too good at the moment either. So we're sitting tight for the moment.

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