Friday, April 18, 2008

April 16, 2008 - Whangarei

Oh Happy Day. We sold the car today. Now we have a wad of NZD's to pay our yard bill and buy duty free fuel. Unfortunately, we're also now trapped in the boatyard without any wheels with which to escape. But that's probably for the best. After we reached agreement with Craig, the purchaser, I drove downtown and parked near my favorite wifi hotspot to do some last minute internet. Suzy, who acts as banker in the board game of our lives, had taken care of the wire for our Sail Indonesia Rally entry fee earlier today, so I shot off the rest of our documents and entry form. I was waiting for the attachments to send and downloading some GRIB files, when I was startled by a guy knocking on my window. I turned the key and rolled down the window. He said, "I've noticed you parked here a lot. Are you using the internet?" I replied that I was. He asked whose system I was on. "Netgear," I responded. "Nectar?" he asked, naming the cafe at which I assumed he worked. "No, Netgear," I said as I turned the computer towards him to show him the wireless access point I was using, "I tried Nectar, but their security is too good." "Oh, okay," he nodded and walked back to the cafe, not sure if he'd just been complemented or duped. It is clearly time to get out of Dodge. If only we had a boom . . .

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