Monday, May 31, 2010

May 29, 2010 - Marigot, St. Martin

Two of the biggest chandleries in the Caribbean are based in Sint Maarten. Sten has been wanting to do a number of projects on the boat for the past few weeks, but has been waiting until he had access to the good duty free prices and big selection available here.

In the past few days he has:
  • Installed a dedicated start solenoid for the main engine start
  • Changed the feed pump head on our Spectra watermaker to try to reverse the unit's trend of diminishing performance
  • Upsized Spectra's OEM wire within the controller and to the motor
  • Finalized the installation of the stackpack, which required a few trips up and down the mast
  • Installed a new coax connector on the VHF
  • Changed the oil in both the generator and main engine
  • Tightened the shaft packing gland
  • Replaced the bulbs in our masthead light, so now (once again) we have full power tri-color and LED
It is like living with Bill Nye The Science Guy. Every time I turn around he is tinkering with something else. Now the electronic barometer is acting up. Every four months or so the batteries in this unit get low and need changing. Simple enough right? Well the AA batteries in this unit have a tendency to leak and cause a real mess in the process. This has happened with different brands and different ages of batteries. This time the damage may be terminal, but the jury is still out. Meanwhile, Sten has spent the past few cocktail hours tinkering with the innards of the unit.

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