Monday, May 31, 2010

May 30, 2010 - Simpson Bay Lagoon, St. Martin

We've really enjoyed being anchored outside of the lagoon on the French side of the island this week. The water is much cleaner than in the lagoon, which I appreciated as I spent two rainy afternoons scrubbing the bottom of the boat. The water is cooler too, which the refrigeration system always appreciates. And the holding is pretty good, which we both appreciated as a few gnarly squalls rolled through this past week bringing a deluge of rain and gusty winds.

But eventually a series of lows passing to the north of us created a northerly swell, which crept into the anchorage on Saturday night. We'd been awake for five hours, rolling back and forth, when the bridge at Sandy Ground opened at 8:15 on Sunday morning. We had to go inside eventually to refuel, and this seemed as good a time as any. The bridge entrance on the French side is much narrower than on the Dutch side. The channel leading from the bridge into the lagoon is also much shallower. It is dredged to 7 feet, but I must say that it is somewhat disconcerting to look down and see a bright orange starfish waving up at oneself while in a navigable channel.

We reanchored inside, had breakfast, and worked on a few projects. Then Sten went off in the dinghy to make sure the fuel dock was open (it being Sunday). And then we rigged our fenders and docklines and headed over to refuel.

Fueling is always a hot, sweaty process. But we now have enough diesel on board to motor most of the way to Bermuda if we have to. And unless the forecast improves, that might just be what it is going to take.

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