Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 19, 2010 - Newport, RI

Sten woke up this morning in Suzy's guest bedroom with one small black cat snuggled in next to him. That gives us hope that Lenore has forgiven us for pressganging her into being the ship's cat.

After breakfast we piled in Suzy's car and drove over to the Aquidneck Island Growers Market, an excellent weekly farmer's market. We picked up organic eggs and greens, grass fed beef and a selection of local cheeses. The real discovery of the weekend for us was found at the Coastal Roasters coffee stand. They were offering cold brewed iced coffee. The cold brewing process results in coffee that is much less acidic than normally brewed coffee. It was amazing. I've got to figure out how to do this at home.

Back at Suzy's I spent the afternoon catching up on piles of laundry while Sten repaired her dehumidifier. That evening Suzy took us and Ingrid out to dinner at a new restaurant in town that is getting a lot of buzz: Tallulah's on Thames. The service was really excellent. Sten and I both ordered a scallop dish for our mains (we couldn't remember the last time we had scallops). They were served over a delicious gingered carrot puree and baby vegetables. Further research is clearly required, but I'd contend that Tallulah's scallops can hold their own against any of the best entrees in town.

After dinner Sten and I took the launch back to Mata'irea. After the whirlwind of the past few days I was so happy to be back home. So happy that I promptly fell asleep.

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